Après-Midi (2018)

An excerpt of the fashion shooting for Katharina Köhler-Sanchez, presenting her new collection. Shot in Paris. 

Foreign Landscapes/Another World (2017)

A project about the relationship between me and my older brother, which is hovering in a sphere of disparities, skepticism, love and  solidarity. It is my approach to get in touch with "his" world ; analyzing , abstracting and influencing it at the same time in order to built a new way of understanding our brotherly bond.

Prana (@Studio Vortex Artist Residency 2017 by Antoine d'Agata): 

The series depicts the flowing energy, that is responsible for the vitality and dynamism of our human body and mental state of mind. The drive to be on the move and use the ability of a vivid body led me to several hitchhike trips within the Provence, exploring the beauty of highways, people and myself.

Junge Hüpfer (engl. youngsters) (2016)

A portrait of my grandparents encountering their major conflict between physical and biological age at their golden wedding in Tolo, Greece.

Evaporation (2016)

An approach to the inner world of thoughts and dreams, where we always find ourselves all alone .Utopia and Dystopia like clouds reflected in our mind, our inner vision, which we do not sense with our eyes but with our soul.

Der Wille zu tanzen (engl. the will to dance) (2016)

The human species escaping from its culture, offering its body to obtain and integrate into space. A physical communication between human and nature with the aspiration to reunite and melt together.